New York Weddings

If you haven't heard yet, we are in the current issue of New York Magazine's special Weddings Issue. Twice a year this publication chooses New York City's most talented industry professionals to contribute their work for an opportunity to be featured in the magazine.

Now here's the deal. I have seen "The Devil Wears Prada."  I have worn my share of faux fur coats and knock-off Louis Vuitton bags. This obviously gives me the right to pretend to think that I know how magazine's work. I never once expected my work to reach actual publication. I always said, in my best, Anne Hathaway voice, "I'm just honored to be nominated..." Blink, Blink. But seriously. I never could have dreamed that we would be featured - not once, but three times. Not only do I feel honored, I am also deeply inspired by the other artists and vendors featured in the publication. Especially my good friends and frequent collaborators  - Stacy and Orlando at Butterfly Bakeshop and fellow flower friends - Lisa Pryzstup (James's Daughter Flowers) and Doan Ly (Sprout Home) . I am so happy to share the space and universe with you incredible artists. 

As I mentioned, we are in the Flowers Feature. But we also worked with the fashion department to create bouquets for the Gowns Feature. Here is a sneak Peak at those two stories. But if you want the whole enchilada you're going have to go get the magazine. Oh and good luck with that, Because I have purchased every copy in a 15 block radius. Happy Thursday! 

Written by, Emma Whitford - Photographed by, Bobby Doherty

Written by, Rebecca Ramsey - Photographed by, Erik Madigan Heck