New York Weddings

If you haven't heard yet, we are in the current issue of New York Magazine's special Weddings Issue. Twice a year this publication chooses New York City's most talented industry professionals to contribute their work for an opportunity to be featured in the magazine.

Now here's the deal. I have seen "The Devil Wears Prada."  I have worn my share of faux fur coats and knock-off Louis Vuitton bags. This obviously gives me the right to pretend to think that I know how magazine's work. I never once expected my work to reach actual publication. I always said, in my best, Anne Hathaway voice, "I'm just honored to be nominated..." Blink, Blink. But seriously. I never could have dreamed that we would be featured - not once, but three times. Not only do I feel honored, I am also deeply inspired by the other artists and vendors featured in the publication. Especially my good friends and frequent collaborators  - Stacy and Orlando at Butterfly Bakeshop and fellow flower friends - Lisa Pryzstup (James's Daughter Flowers) and Doan Ly (Sprout Home) . I am so happy to share the space and universe with you incredible artists. 

As I mentioned, we are in the Flowers Feature. But we also worked with the fashion department to create bouquets for the Gowns Feature. Here is a sneak Peak at those two stories. But if you want the whole enchilada you're going have to go get the magazine. Oh and good luck with that, Because I have purchased every copy in a 15 block radius. Happy Thursday! 

Written by, Emma Whitford - Photographed by, Bobby Doherty

Written by, Rebecca Ramsey - Photographed by, Erik Madigan Heck

Whats New: "You Guys, Dreams Come True!: Part I"

Please excuse the crude photo quality. But I just saw a sneak peak of the upcoming weddings issue of New York Magazine on the in-ter-webs. And couldn't help gasping. I can't believe it. We are featured in the latest New York Magazine Weddings issue?! Dying. That FULL PAGE. Yea thats us! Cant express how excited and honored I am!! On stands 10/28!! #regram from @nymag. Stay tuned for more! 

Whats New: "Its Arbor Day"

Its not actually Arbor day. But we can't stop ourselves from sharing pics of our newest addition. We are so thrilled to offer couple's this amazing ceremony Arch! Its so lush, you might have to squint to take it all in!